Wishful vs Forceful Working


Money is important, Yet I don't want to spend my entire life working for it...

- Robert Kiyosaki

Let's Solve the Puzzle...

1. You don’t have a choice but have to work for money.

2. No matter you are healthy or sick you still have to work

3. You cannot pursue your hobby, because you are loaded with work.

4. You cannot give time for yourself, spouse, kids.

5. You cannot give time for your health.

6. You cannot give time to spiritual activities.

7. You cannot give time to society.

8. You are always stressful, anxious, worried, concerned about money.

If most of your answers were, "TRUE"

"You do Forceful Working"

Where you don't have time to live your life as per your choice...

What if you have a Money Tree?

You can transform your life from Forceful Working to Wishful Working, where You will get Lifetime Guaranteed Cashflow and you will have your financial independence to enjoy your dreams and desires.

Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, or 40s you have a choice to plant your money tree from today in order to reap its benefits in the next 10-15 years.

In my 15 years of research and discovery about money, I realized that either people are working forcefully or wishfully.
Research says that 95% of the population comes under the bracket of “forceful working” while only 5% of the people are working because they love to work. 
Wishful Working will give you the freedom to work on your own terms.

I help people to enjoy the beauty of life by exiting from all money worries & moving from “Forceful Working to Wishful Working”

In my career span of more than fifteen years, I have served more than thousands of business owners, professionals, and individuals with my dedicated advisory services and provided them right avenues for their financial goals. 
My innovative ideas and persistent services always served the clients at their best.

Excited to be Alive!!

Dr. Arvind Kumar

Financial Doctor
Trained by MDI Gurugram
Financial Planning Certification-IIOE

People Who Have Trusted Us So Far...

I would like to put on record our appreciation for the services rendered by Dr. Arvind, with regard to our New Life Insurance Cover. As explained by Arvind ji, the common mistake while going for the policy is that most of us do not buy sufficient value policy, which later with the passage of time, becomes useless. Low value does not fulfill our family's requirements and the whole purpose is defeated. We should actually estimate the inflation & then calculate the right amount required by our family to fulfill their needs, when we may not be there. 
Life Insurance is actually both a RISK COVER + INVESTMENT.

Arvind ji helped review that thought process very well. He facilitated very smooth documentation, procedures & approvals for my new policy. I will have no hesitation in recommending him to the outside world.
We appreciate his work and dedication and wish him all the very best in the future.

Honestly, I had very little knowledge about insurance policies but was looking for one. I discussed my needs with Dr. Arvind and he, after carefully understanding our needs suggested a policy we should go with. I was in awe with the knowledge he has over different types of portfolios and how he suggests with best. Me and my wife are happy and satisfied having invested in the suggested avenue from him. I would highly recommend Dr. Arvind Kumar for all your Insurance & Investment needs.

I was confused about where to invest money for my children. Dr. Arvind came with some good options and very professionally explained the benefits of investing this money in one of them. I find myself very satisfied after investing money on the advice of Dr. Arvind. I would have no hesitation recommending him to my friends and family for investing money. I wish him all the best.

Naresh Aggarwal


Co-founder, Travel Raze

I approached Dr. Arvind for his advice. He patiently listened to my requirement and then recommended the avenues which met all my requirements. He explained the features and benefits of the policy in detail and compared it with other investment options. Dr. Arvind has extensive knowledge about his domain and helped me in taking the correct investment decision. I am extremely satisfied with the services of Dr. Arvind Kumar and would recommend his services to all my friends and relatives. 

Aashu Chandra


Director, Silver Bazel

I would like to put in the record my big appreciation for Dr. Arvind Kumar. I asked Dr. Arvind Kumar to analyze my policies & offer me only one policy for myself in which I should have term insurance up to 100 years & return income on my 65th year. First, he gave me feedback on my earlier policies & after analyzing, he gave me a combo, which covered my requirements. His knowledge about insurance is ultimate, he suggests you according to your requirements. I am very satisfied with his suggestions. I will definitely recommend him to my friends & relatives I wish him great success in his carrier.

Dr. Arvind Kumar is serving me with his advisory services for a decade and has always helped me in understanding the right investment avenues as per my financial needs for the future.

Arvind Ji is a vessel of knowledge in himself. He has a great sense of assisting people in the investment and insurance sector. I am enjoying his valuable services. I feel secured from every future financial need and have the best insurance services from the best advisor!

Shambhu datt Sharma


Owner, Uttranchal Stationers

I personally recommend Arvind Ji wholeheartedly! for any services required to my friends and other business partners in the insurance and investments sector. He is an experienced professional with a well-equipped mind full of ideas and concepts. I am enjoying his consultancy for my business’s assets protection and capital appreciation.

 A redundant policy was found by my father in his possession. The money that could be lost was close to One lakh. We approached Dr Arvind Kumar, who is an expert in Life Insurance policies. Without hesitation, he visited my father within a very short span of time. The required consultation given was very clear, precise, and accurate. His guidance helped us not only make a decision on our current policy but also shows how he prioritizes the needs of his customers. With such insight into the vast field of insurance and commitment to providing the best guidance to all, I’m obliged to refer his services to all my clients.

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